Historical Background

Pin International

PLease Visit for our new site. Prosperity International Network (Pin International) formally Known as Global Prosperity was founded and registered in 2007
with Certificate No. 87272 and  is a non profit Organization/ company limited by guarantee registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Uganda. Prosperity International Network which now holds another Certificate of registration No.105059 and operates as a christian non goverment organization in Uganda.


The mission of Pin Limited is to promote spiritual welfare, good health, education and skills training to empower the youth, orphans and disadvantaged vulnerable communities.

-To promote Capacity building for manpower development through formal and non formal education, skills equipping, training and talent development of her target groups and the community.

-To enhance and encourage income generation projects and enterprise support to her target groups and members in the community for socio-economic development and sustainability.

Programme areas

This site will furnish you with information about our projects in Uganda, and explain how you can become involved. We hope you will join Prosperity International Network  in our effort to help the people of Uganda to recover from Poor Health and Education and civil disruption.

EducationThis includes child sponsorship, sensitisation programmes, psychological education like counselling, skills training for the youth and children.

Health- improving health situations of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, malaria prevention and control, psychological support through counselling.

Economic empowerment- This focuses on business skills training, empowering communities start income generating activities, entrepreneurship and the Newly soft grant scheme etc.

Prosperity International Network has no paid staff; all work is done by its board members.

Currently Prosperity International Network is working with  St Johnson Primary School Bira ( an Orphanage School)  where it has identified students that need sponsorships because they are needy while others are Orphans. Its Our appeal so then for you to join the scope of seeing them win in Education. Please visit for our new site

                                              Together We Shall Prosper

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