Prosperity International Network's Projected work


Following intense creativity and avoidance of Joblessness in our community,
Prosperity International Network has started up training of the youth of how to be creative using different crafts hence they are  able to make small Hand crafts like Necklaces, Flower holder, Bangles, bags, Leather Skin Wallets, Shoes, Belts and etc these all are done in macrame styles. With these, They act as a sustainability project for Prosperity International Network and with time we hope to Open up a great college of all this work. Below are some of the things done.
                                       Macrame made Necklaceses  

This is a wonderful Macrame blended Guard.

More of such wonderful Artwork can be found on this website

Global  Medical Center

Pin Limited has managed to set up Pin Medical Center in Ngoma Nakaseke district, with a general Health purpose and hopes to enlarge to a big hospital once funded.


Projects That Need Funding to Start up.

Pin Limited wants to construct a big hospital in Luwero District that has to include with it a Nurse Training Institution and an Hiv Aids Center. More so we are looking forward introducing schools in the same are.

The summary of our proposed initiatives includes:

  • Hospital
  • Health education centers
  • Hygiene classes
  • Medical services and treatments


Our proposed educational initiatives include:

  • Construction of Schools
  • Basic literacy programs
  • Computer labs and school furnishings
  • Primary, Secondary to Techinical schools
  • Child sponsorships

Economic Development

The aspects of our long-term program for economic development involves:

  • Business Training
  • Business Resource Center
  • Micro Lending

All the above can not be completed with out your support so it request you to join hands with Prosperity International Network and make your donation to see the Ugandans Helped. 
                                Together We Shall prosper.

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