Video and Music Editing, Production Study Training

Following a number of Children and a few youth  trained in computer applications, we have received more of them that want to study video Editing Production and filming, with One video camera that we have, we have been able to use  it for the training and have managed to even start training Video Production. We therefore request you to join the battle for better learning skills you can support us with any materials you may feel you can Pin International of its own in Africa Uganda would like to start up its own Radio Station through which it can educate its people in a better way, this make us to cry to you for help,

We are in need of the following Machines to set up the Music Recording Studio and training, New and Old

  1. Radio Transmitter, Satellite downlink and uplink equipment (dishes, down converters, LNA's, feed line), Links and Antennas and 2 C1 Microphones
  2. 2 Mixers (With Fantom Power (Respomoment Mc 12/2) )
  3. Music Key Board
  4. Power Amplifiers
  5. Speakers
  6. PQ Bender
  7. Midi Cables
  8. Pianos
  9. Headphones
  10. Proffesional Sound Card
  11. 2 Mac Computers
  12. Supportive Music Production Software.
More so to the Video Production and Filming department what is needed is the following,

  1. Video Cameras
  2. Video Camera Stands
  3. Didital Cameras
  4. Video Mixers
  5. Supportive Cables like the Fire wires
  6. Mac Laptops and Computers for Video Editing purposes etc.
Other Traditional Music instruments Needed include:
  1. Sets of Drums
  2. Sets of xylophones
  3. Tube fiddles
  4. Dancing Skins
  5. Shakers
  6. Panpipes
  7. Rattles
  8. Harps
  9. Dancing Constumes
Your effort and contribution will stand as a great asset to the brain development of children and youth.
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