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Child labour for survival

More than One million children, Dont even Know what a blackbord or have a chance to go to school, others stop in lower classes and begine to work or sell in markets in order to support their grannies after they have been orphaned by Hiv Aids. Nothing liberates and empowers a person quite like education. An education gives people the power to transform their lives, and yet nearly 120 million school-aged children worldwide are not enrolled in school.

Education is extremely important to ending poverty. An education gives people the power to transform their lives, and yet nearly 120 million school-aged children worldwide - most of them girls - are not enrolled in school. Without an education, the cycle of poverty is almost inescapable: it is usually poverty and lack of resources that keep children out of school and, inevitably, people who grow up without an education have little hope of building a better future for themselves or giving their own children the opportunity to go to school. Those children in developing countries who are lucky enough to attend school often find themselves in overcrowded, inadequate and expensive learning environments.


HIV and AIDS Child

Hiv/Aids and Mulnutrion in children

In developing countries, the repercussions of HIV and AIDS go much further than health issues. With entire generations decimated by this deadly disease, the poverty of the entire country worsens leaving a growing number of children who need help to get an education and avoid malnutrition, disease and stigmatization.

Losing a parent is terrible for any child, but children living in developing countries who lose parents to AIDS face unthinkable hardships. Not only have they watched their parents die, but they are stigmatized for having been associated with HIV and AIDS and are often forced to fend for themselves and their siblings. The result is that a growing number of helpless children are facing a cycle of abuse, neglect, stigmatization, malnutrition, poverty and disease.

In addition to the impact of HIV and AIDS as a health issue, in developing countries the repercussions go much further. With entire generations decimated by the disease, productivity deteriorates and the poverty of the entire country worsens. Children orphaned by AIDS have less chance of gaining an education and getting access to healthcare. Their poverty and vulnerability to exploitation also significantly increases their likelihood of contracting HIV themselves.

The combination of ignorance, fear and shame that surrounds HIV and AIDS in many developing countries often hinders prevention and stops infected people from getting the support and compassion they so desperately need.

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With your support, Global Prosperity combats this disease and its effects through education, prevention, counselling and healthcare, as well as providing children who have lost family members with the support they need to survive on a daily basis, complete their education and create a better future for themselves.

Pin Limited acts to build awareness and reduce the stigma that surrounds HIV and AIDS by exposing the fact of how the HIV virus is transmitted and the action needed to reduce infection rates and reverse this pandemic.

We work to ensure that those who are infected with HIV get the physical and psychological support they need. Preventing opportunistic infections and providing better nutrition and food security helps prolong the life of the infected parents and gives them more time with their children.

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Looking to the future, Pin Limited helps prepare families for transition. We ensure that HIV-infected parents receive legal assistance to prepare a will, to help secure their children’s home, and help make arrangements for their children’s care including choosing a guardian.

When children affected by HIV and AIDS do eventually lose their parents, Pin Limited is there to help with their immediate emotional and survival needs as well as longer-term needs. Pin Limited’s orphan support programs provide health care, counselling, school grants and vocational training - giving vulnerable children a chance for a brighter future.

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